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Why use Teflon coating?

Low friction – this means that moving parts that are coated in PTFE will slide with ease, causing less heat, less wear & tear & reducing fire risk. PTFE’s coefficient of friction is the third-lowest of any known solid material.

Self-cleaning – as PTFE is a non-stick material, dirt won’t stick to it.

Effective at a wide range of temperatures – PTFE can handle extremes of temperature that are suitable for many applications. It is effective at continuous surface temperatures up to 260 degrees centigrade and much higher temperatures can be sustained over shorter periods.

Long-term weatherability – PTFE is an extremely durable material. For example, it is not affected by ultraviolet and is resistant to oxidation, discoloration, and embrittlement.

Non-flammability – PTFE offers extraordinary resistance to high temperature and flames because it has a very high melting point and auto-ignition temperature.

Chemical resistance to corrosive reagents – this means that most chemicals don’t affect it & so it’s the go-to choice for most industries. It’s often used as a gasket where aggressive chemicals are used

Great electrical properties – PTFE offers high electrical resistance and dielectric strength.

It has an excellent service life, retaining its properties over a long period of time.

It has a low refractive index, meaning that the product’s visual appearance won’t change after light exposure.

How to ensure the quantity of Teflon?

Adhesion test, in Mingxiu, all products will be passed adhesion test before selling.

Teflon coated surface check and automatic insulation test, our engineer will do spot check to make sure Teflon surface Evenly and elegantly.

Why choose Mingxiu?

Max production ability, we are the first manufacturer of Teflon wire in the southeast China, means we support big order and on time delivery.

Experienced engineer and support team, our engineer have focused on this industry over 15 years, can design and produce customizable product from customer of different industry.

We test the quality of copper wire via CAD, resistance tester, pressure tester.

Are you factory or trading company?

We are factory has more than 18 years manufacturing experiences.

What certifications do you have?

We have 5 kinds of product series, Teflon wire, halogen free cable, RF coaxial cable, RG coaxial cable, multi cores medical cable, product model, UL10064, UL1332, UL1330, UL1331, UL1333, UL3302, UL3266, UL3767, UL3398, UL3173, RG178, RG179, RG316, RF0.64, RG0.81, medical cable...etc

Where is your factory located ?

6-7th Floor, Building B, No. 21, Nanshe Road, Humen Town, Dongguan China.

How can I get some samples?

If we have in stock, within 10 meters, it is free. Or we will charge sample fee.

Are samples free shipping?

Sorry, it should be on customer side.

What is your payment term?

We have several payment terms for you,T/T,Western Union,Paypal,L/C,etc.

What about the lead time for mass production?

Honestly, it depends on the order quantity.

Is this wire have in stock?

Please check with our sales. orders quantity reach 6100m/size/color can arrange production.