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Congratulations to Mingxiu Electronics for moving to a new factory

After two years of planning, Dongguan Mingxiu Electronics purchased a 6,000-square-meter factory building in Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City, and all moved to Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City in May 2022; the new factory building has 6 Teflon line extruders, 3 One halogen-free irradiation wire extruder, 3 PVC wire extruders, with a daily output of 1 million meters.

After moving to the new factory, Mingxiu Electronics is not only gradually increasing its production capacity, but also strengthening production safety management and production technology research and development. At present, our factory has obtained the qualification of high-tech enterprise in China, has more than ten self-service intellectual property rights, and passed the ISO safety certification. management system.

The ultra-fine Teflon wire, XLPE halogen-free radiation flame retardant wire, PVC wire, and multi-core medical wire produced by our company have unique advantages in many fields; Mingxiu Electronics also actively cooperates with customers to develop and customize the wires required by customers. Provide customers with cutting wire tinning services.


Post time: Nov-12-2022