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Teflon wire

What is Teflon wire

Polytetra fluoroethylene (PTFE) is a fluorocarbon polymer insulation material that allows wiring systems to be used and operated in the most demanding of environments.

PTFE is resistant to lubricants and fuels, very flexible, plus it has excellent thermal and electrical properties. Particularly suitable for applications requiring high levels of thermal and chemical resistance.

Features & Benefits

Mechanically tough and flexible

Excellent temperature performance

Very high dielectric performance

Non flammable / Flame resistant

Excellent chemical resistance

Silver plated or tinned copper conductors

Water repellent

Voltage Rating

30/250/300, 600 & 1000 volts

Operating Temperature BS 3G 210-75°C to +190°C (Silver plated copper)-75°C to +260°C (Nickel plated copper)-60°C to +170°C(Tinned copper)

Operating Temperature Nema HP3

-75°C to +200°C (Silver plated copper)

Model of Teflon wire that most use in the market

UL10064, 44-10AWG

UL1330/UL1331/UL1332/UL1333, 36-10AWG

UL10362, 30-14AWG

UL10503, 30-14AWG

UL1371, 36-16AW 

FEP Hook Up Wire

What is FEP?  

FEP, one of the material of Teflon, also called Fluorinated ethylene propylene, this material has excellent electrical properties, broad temperature range, and chemical resistance. FEP insulated wires have excellent electrical and mechanical characteristic, and extremely high thermal, cold, and chemical resistance. They are particularly well-suited to use in high-temperature environments such as near furnaces or engines. They can also be used in extremely low-temperature environments or environments with exposure to chemicals such as chemical plants.

Features & Advantages of FEP Hook Up Wire

FEP is extrudable in a manner similar to PVC and polyethylene. This means that long wire and cable lengths are available. It is not suitable where subjected to nuclear radiation and does not have good high voltage characteristics. 

Common Industry Applications for FEP Wire


Oil & Gas





Post time: Mar-25-2022