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UL 3266

UL 3266 wire is an XLPE insulated hook-up wire is manufactured from soft annealed, solid or stranded, tinned copper conductor. This construction allows for a uniform, flexible, concentric, quality construction. UL 3266 wire is used for internal wiring ideally suited for lighting equipment, motor and coil leads, transformers, control panels, military equipment, industrial controls, computers, and appliance wiring applications. UL 3266 Wire has a temperature and voltage of 125°C and 300V respectively meeting UL Style 3266 standards. Its irradiation cross-linked polymeric insulation possesses remarkable mechanical, flame resistance and electrical properties. UL 3266 wire also has an unusually high chemical resistance including many potting compounds, toners, and solvents.


UL 3266 Wire Specifications

UL 3266 Wire Construction:

  • Conductor: Soft annealed, solid or stranded, tinned copper conductor
  • Insulation: Irradiated Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulation (XLPE)
  • Available Options: VW-1 Compound available. Perfused material available upon request

UL 3266 Wire Ratings and Approvals:

  • Voltage Rating: 300V
  • Max. Temperature: 125°C
  • CE Certified
  • <RoHS Compliant

Post time: Oct-31-2022