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UL3767 Electronic Hook Up Wire , Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Wire

Short Description:

Internal wiring of electronic equipment.

  • Rated voltage: 30V
  • Rated temperature: 105 degree
  • Standard: UL758, UL1581, CSA C22.2 NO.210
  • Conductor: 32-16AWG single & stranded tinned copper
  • Insulation: XLPE
  • Flame retardant rating: Flame resistance VW-1 or FT1
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    Dongguan Mingxiu Electronics' UL3767 cable has obtained UL certification, and we have been engaged in the production of halogen-free cables for 20 years.

    UL 3767 wire is an XLPE insulated hook-up wire is manufactured from soft annealed,solid or stranded, tinned copper conductor. This construction allows for a uniform, flexible, concentric, quality construction. UL 3767 wire is used for internal wiring ideally suited for lighting equipment, motor and coil leads, transformers, control panels, military equipment, industrial controls, computers, and appliance wiring applications.


    Order reference

    Colors Available: 0-Black, 1-Brown, 2-Red, 3-Orange, 4-Yellow, 5-Green, 6-Blue, 7-Violet, 8-Grey, 9-White, 10–Green 11- Yellow
    Striping: Longitudinal and Parallel Stripes Available Per Request
    Delivery: All Stocked Items Available for Immediate Shipment, 8 Week Lead Time for Non-stocked Items
    Package: Stocked in Spools, Barrel Pack Available Per Request
    Wire Processing: Cut, Strip, and Tinning Available

    How to check if the cables are XLPE cable?

    Strip the cable core and use a 20-watt soldering iron to iron the insulation layer. There should be no obvious depression. If there is a large depression, it means that the material or process used in the insulation layer is defective; or burn with a lighter, it should be difficult to ignite under normal conditions. After burning for a long time, the insulation layer of the cable is still relatively complete, there is no thick smoke and irritating odor, and the diameter has increased. If it is easy to ignite, it can be determined that the insulating layer of the cable does not use low-smoke halogen-free materials (probably polyethylene or cross-linked polyethylene); if it is foggy, it means that the insulating layer is made of halogen-containing materials; if long After time burning, the insulating surface fell off seriously, and the diameter did not increase significantly, indicating that the appropriate irradiation cross-linking process was not carried out.


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